Saturday, March 12, 2011

PKTR 2011...well almost ! huh :p


*p/s if you are an alumni of pktr ..congrats! if you are selected for the upcoming interview..than continue to read..for u will find it useful :)

PKTR ni is the singkatan for Program Kepimpinan Tun Razak . Technically , me and Acap Amin was selected by our lovely school counsellor , Pn. Intan for the interview. Needless to say , eventhough i was highly touted to attend the programme... I didn't.


but that doesn't mean it's the end of the world right?

lessons come in different and unexpected ways , one thing for sure.

The despair and sadness that this unlucky twist of fate brought is actually nothing less than a blessing in disguise . Without me realizing it , i found myself being a better person . in terms of PR in this case of course . I start to interact with everyone . I'm beginning to be in control . No longer being a cry2 baby haha .

Where'd it went wrong ?


It was overconfidence..

something that looked so simple , yet so lethal .

it gives you the FALSE hope and faith.

You's very hard for me to explain..


To whomever it may concern ..

As much as i hate to admit.. I really want to attend this programme.When you come to think of it..who doesn't want to?

Being in the elite group of the top 50 would-be-leaders ( i hope ) and corporates who would one day lead the country is just the perfect meal for the ego of yours.

But Allah had better plans for me..

For he knows ( not knew ) that if i were to attend this programme , i might turn into someone selfish and cocky with everyone..which i really don't want to happen .

At the same time , i might take opt for the lackluster attitude when facing future and upcoming interviews. And this , would cost me a dearly RM 1 million in scholarship worth. :( Why ? When overconfidence steps in ... you take the group discussions lightly and pretend that you are already the best in the world.

During the interview , despite i was prepared for it..Deep inside me , i know . that i was actually beaming with pride and ego..X kan debater sekolah and international x dapat...bisik hatiku kecil.

And yeah Zharif, mmg x dapat..Subhanallah..God is great

Tu la msg yg ak nk sampaikan.If ade peluang , tolong lah guna dengan sebaiknya.

Don't waste anything if not everything.You may never know whether you'll cross upon those kind of opportunities.

Life is cruel.It'll push you around . It's up to you to take your stance.It's up to you to decide.
I learned my lesson , which is not to be a hard but meaningful way.

Just now I went to Mid Valley to celebrate Hanie's birthday.At first she invited about 100 people ! Although only about half of the number came to the occassion , we went separate ways until lunch time.The PKTRs pergi mane entah , the SSP gang with dorang and yg tinggal is me , Shahmi and hussein.Haziq ? Demam haha

Throughout the day , i kept on looking at the PKTR gang.Very happy , cheerful and enjoying their time . Telling each other how they miss one another makes me sad too , in the sense that i wasn't unable to participate . Its the feeling of being left behind , when all you know is that it is nothing less than your own ego and attitude that keeps you away from them.

But trust me.This is just the beginning.I started 2010 with 2 painful events and yet it ended splendidly. What makes you think 2011 would be any different ?


  1. assalamualaikum, can u share some of the questions do the interviewers ask u during ur interview?

  2. Assalamualaikum. I know ur feeling, cuz i felt the despair of loosing something tht we put high hope in it but yet turned another way. Anyway, i got the iv call for this pktr thingy. Can u share some of ur iv experience? If u still remember. Thanks. It will help much.