Sunday, August 22, 2010




The night before going back home...packing all the homeworks,revision books i can get my hands on
Nights at home...habis je this game/show i promise i'll do my hw...
The night of the day we return back to school..if only i did my hw kat rumah...then there would be no need to stay up like this =_=

2006 - 2010

After Spm

What my life's gonna be like after SPM

-Waking up at 7.00 everyday
-Whey Protein and eggs for breakfast
-1 litre of dutch lady milk everyday :D
-3 hours of gym sessions at the Club
-Building my own empire in The sims 3 ,zoo Tycoon and whtever management games
- Accompanying my mom to her Herbalife functions
- Get my hands on any book at the bookstores
- Cleaning up my room and the house
- helping my couldn't-care-less brothers and father to fix any broke appliances ...grrr
-Futsal friendlies
-100 bench press,200 sit ups and 2km runs
-renovating my room

Publishing these would at least remind me ,so nnti after SPM x de la ak trkial2 nk pkir ape nk buat.

haha :DD

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Top 100 SBP Students list

For those of you who can't bother knowing some extra facts bout life, here's one. After each SBP standardised examination , the department itself would release a list on the top 100 students who did REALLY x 99 well. If you ask me , to have my name somewhere on the list is just one of the many2 things i crave for this year.

for me...getting my name on the list means making it up for...

- the times i lost debate matches (not to mention a one point split against SESERI and a 7-0 lost against DJ

- getting kicked out of PPM Central Zone and subsequently the Nationals

- getting my name cancelled out of 4 international trips ( Vancouver , Korea , Singapore and Doha )

- not finishing this year's larian jalan raya

- not winning any medal in any of the events at the annual PKBM camp

- not being able to participate in KDU debate

and many more....

sob sob

A strong person is not the one who cries over his fate but one who determines not to let fate make him cry again.

Sincerely ,

All geared up

For the past mid year examinations it was a straight a and one C. And the best part is that the subject which spoilt everything was PAI.ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But who cares,as the saying goes , let bygone be bygones. For the upcoming trial examinations , trust me i'm now more seasoned and prepared for it,physically and mentally. With french class on hold to give room for my exams, i can now get back to jogging and exercising.Cheers!

one more thing,yesterday SAS was noted as the champion of PPM 2010 and the funny part is that the best speaker award went to STAR.Guess whom? Aiman SAbeh!! huhu...the last time i remember seeing him was during the 4th round win against his team.Frankly , never thought he would came up top,especially with Azim and Paan seeded to claim the throne.Mamu? Well,you'll have to wait till next year maybe when those two have left school and most probably have joined the varsity debating scene. haha :)