Friday, March 11, 2011

One of the thingz i learned in one of the Herbalife Trainings

‎21 Characteristics/Qualities

1. Self-Confidence
2. Warmth
3. Excitement
4. Attitude
5. Uplifting
6. Remember Names
7. Listening
8. Relax
9. Commitment
10. Talents and Abilities
11. Be Healthy
12. Empathy
13. Inner Strength
14. Appearance
15. Charismatic Leadership
16. Flexible
17. Intuition
18. Action Oriented
19. Humor
20. Polite, respectful, be inviting
21. Humility

Rate yourself in each characteristic from 1-10.

Choose three areas where you want to improve. eg. Self-confidence.

Write down your positive affirmations to improve those areas. eg. "I am very confident of myself." or "I have a very high self-confidence."

Read those affirmations aloud in the morning after you wake up and at night before you sleep.

Repeat it for 30 days and you will see yourself improving in that area.

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