Sunday, September 19, 2010

Raye Holidays

Well,it's been quite some time since i last updated this little friend of me.Sorry bloggy, but those hwrks (read winning eleven ,facebook ) got me pre-occupied.

Before i totally forget , just wanna wish those that i haven't wish, Selamat hari raya! maaf Zahir and batin keyh?

bout the hwrks,yeah , they're there in my room.I must say that some of them are indeed lucky for they receive the affection they are supposed to get.While some of those unlucky ones are a little bit left out from the rest.Don't blame me , i only have 2 hands. :P

And then we have the open houses,yup open houses. (cheers in the air for that! ) . However , i was struck by fever, and i have to spend the tuesday until thursday doing nothing but flipping through my books =_= .sorry zati and paan for not being able to come. (u guys wouldn't want anyone bringing fever either , would you? haha :P )
Bout spm,alaaa..diz is the hardest bit, i mean , with so many things OCCURED during the holidays...getting back to school would be anything but awesome.Seriously man , no joking.I need back the momentum i need.i don't care if sometimes people calling me to pressured up or something , what do they know?When you are r selected to be a leader of 135 people , not to mention some of the intolerable attitude of the minorities , pressure does come up to you, and that time only you can decide what to do with it.By the way , i am not feel ready to fall in love with anyone yet...not ready to call anyone sayang or baby or whatever it is. I might have said it once ,but i'm regretting it twice . In my mother's words i trust, "don't you ever lose Allah's bless"

so..what's next smart boy?
-lets see......

perfect score
Grand dinner
people from japan comin over to our school

freedom :)

waiting for it
sincerely and seriously

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


If only we can repeat this...

Monday, September 6, 2010


Here goes nothing...

BM : >80
BI : 84
Maths : 94
Add Maths : 77 =_=
Biology : 72
Physics : 87
Chem : .90
Agama : 82
Sejarah : 89

BM : Ok la,for the thought that A was my initial target,x kan nk trget a+ kot utk trial ni

BI : hmm...should have been higher,paper 1 was 67 / 75...which is good for an SMSS but disastrous enough for a debater..some of my friends in other schools scored 72. ms shanti wasn't to happy about the little problem , and she eventually let it off by giving us extremely low marks for our essay.Acap amin got 26 for his and pamek received a mere 25. Weird huh ?

Maths : some little careless mistakes,but neway thank god finally grasped that A+

Add maths : pulled everything down. A+ for mid year doesn't do any good for the trials.It started well with myself scoring 74 for paper one.And i can afford to lose 10 marks in paper 2 and yet score an A+.However , i started paper 2 overconfidently and i went on to score a frustating 66 for it.

Biology : still gotta work on it.paper 1...36 ,had i learned more...maybe 45 paper 2 70 something,lost marks at essay...x msuk akal kot essay tu! asked for the advantages and disadvantages of science and tech in human reproduction..imagine yourself in my position,i'm sure u would go on and elaborate bout how it enables a family to plan its size according to its sosioeconomic background, allows infertile couples to have children and how it encourages free sex.Guess what, the scheme doesn't give marks for such answers!!! Paper 3... hmm ok la 30/33 + 10 / 17...thats the price you gotta pay for not reading the experiments.

Physics : be frank..this time it's an easier paper compared to the mid year exams. paper 1 50/50 (yahoo!! perfect score man!!! ) paper 2 was bad...lost marks over there..and i'm still wondering how to score paper 3...made the wrong choice in picking the right experiment

Chemistry : Wonderful .i felt that all the hard work in jotting down the notes during sir elan's class right from the start of form 4 has starting to pay off. To be frank , i can now put my chem books aside , and free up more time for more demanding subjects like biology.Alhamdulillah
paper 1 : 45 paper 2 : 90 kot paper 3 : 48
it was last thursday when i went in 5 setia to find something that made my day.I saw my marks being written at the upper left of the whiteboard.knowing that the precious class that used the room was one of the form 4's and the handwriting was similiar to sir's , i knew he must have praised me in front of the class , just like what he did to us.Halfway through the class , he would stop the lesson and went on telling anything that crossed his mind ( pit-stop la kononye ni ) , and more often than not he told us bout how khairunnisa or aif chapiti or aliya amiera did well .In fact i can still remember how he once claimed if aliya amiera scored less than 90 than , it's a difficult paper.
(p/s did i mention asyrafi challenged me to beat his chem mark for this exam;though i won,i'm sure he's not gonna hobble off as a quitter ; he'll make his comeback for the 2nd trial )

Sejarah : missed a+ by a whisker , but i won't treat this joy like how i treated add maths based on my mid year result. Even though it's fun to score in sejarah, it's not that worthwhile either,had there are no 'spotted questions' , for sure it'll look something like a 70.

PAI : booyaa!! got it man, after this little paper destroyed my dreams a few months ago,I know , i had no choice but to ace this paper,but still , there are many more to be covered.

to be frank , me and the other 7 of us (me , muiz , pamek , safwan , a.amin , a.ihsan , and some budians ) went home happily this week.With the joy of straight A's , it couldn't be better.However , it wasn't long before my raya mood started to evaporate and got me thinking bout books again.

I discovered that Luqman straight A's...has 4 A+ (including bio!! and he scored full marks for his paper 1 ; klah pakwe diana farhana haha ) ,ranked first in batch ,and he has 11 batchmates who scored straight a's too. yaiks!

Aqiliah too scored 4 A+...what's amazing is that she aced bio and english(!?!?)

hanis too scored straight a's but she has only 3..(well who cares if IT IS ONLY THREE, safwan ade 2 je and yet first in batch...malu la ak!!!) and batch dia ade 27 HAMBA ALLAH STRAIGHT A's.

I can't take it anymore,depressed , frustated , dissapointed.I thought i had given my best , but it is just not so.To be frank , i think myself as someone who scored 4 A+ , taking add maths and sejarah and physics into account.Doesn't that make it 5 A + ?? Yet it's not as easy as that .You can't just allegedly claim that u have 5 a+ when what's pasted on the board shows the opposite.

Oh well,let bygones be bygones.

For the 2nd trial it's gonna be 6 A +.And when i say's just a matter of time.Trust me.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


smalamx smpat pun bukak puasa...i slept the whole day from 5.30 p.m till 5.30 a.m the next day (kiranya today la)....ptut la in my dreams it was about food je all d time...thank god i woke up in time for sahur...if not...then it'll be 2 days of puasa then wee~ :D

see how tired life in school can be? especially after u've went to bed late for the past 5 days..bukannya qiyamullail pun! tapi borak ngan si Shamil tu

grrr =_=