Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mid year School Holidays 2010


Tired of waking up every morning?


I mean who doesnt?!?!? Whether u are a fully residential kid or an average guy who goes to daily schools,we all share something in common,which is the agony of waking up to the sound of the faithful alarm clock..GRRR =_= . Whatever it is,it is now reaching the end of the holidays. *sob sob

Different people carry different perceptions,for a geek,a holiday would be the perfect time for him to go to those IT malls,and for a social lion,this would be the perfect avenue for him/her to complete all of those mall marathons.For me??To be frank,dude let me tell u something,i can't go out of my house,even though One utama,The curve,Cineleisure is nothing less than a stone's throw away.Imagine logging in facebook everytime and you see people updating their photos with their mall outing with their best buddies and your soul doesnt even have one.Nothing personal actually,but it's more because of parental consent,it's not that i don't wanna ask whether i can spend my time according to how i want to, but i just can't stop thinking that maybe god have something in good for me.Something that looks good on the outside may not be necessarily be the same deep inside.

Besides,this year i'll be sitting for SPM (which at the same time means now i should be reading not blogging) and more importantly i'm money concious.I don't like to waste my money on things that i never need.A movie ticket would cost no less than RM 11 and my eating habits won't help me save either.A large popcorn and a bigcup of coke would burn another hole in my pocket.Don't get me started on the after-movie meal though,I can't remember when was the last time i didn't spend at least RM 60 during the saturday outings with my friends.So for the good sake of my ownself,i prefer living with it,what is there to be ashamed of actually? :DD


Sigh... =_= Look here zharif,you've done well... and there is nothing much you can do because fate is not always on your side.Yes,it's true you have worked your ass off to become a captain and suddenly the next thing you know is that you ended up missing your final edition of PPM.Dude,look here,let's look on d bright side.You get to play futsal with your brothers,you get to go to bio tuitions and cikgu malek's ingenious add maths class so what is there to worry about huh?one more thing though,you get to tell others how you ended your debate career with something though,had we entered PPM,who knows how it'll end...doesn't it? :DD

And there's this Perkampungan Ilmu

If you ask me,this perkampungan ilmu had to be one of the best programs the school had given to us this year.We started off kinda like badly during the frst day when we found ourselves stranded with nowhere to go . We were supposed to use the multipurpose hall adjacent to our dormitories for that particular session,and luckily it's the first and our last time.As you all know the study camp comprises of all subjects except english.And here comes the sad part,ms. Shanti told one of the sets how disappointed the english department was when they found out that there wasn't any slot allocated for the english subject.Trust me,i feel her pain.For V 0610,i have to say that the english quality of us isn't up to par,seriously.You can go on and on saying how your leader is one of the prominent debaters in diz country,and how he is almost selected to WSDC...bla bla bla,but deep inside bear in mind that a batch is made up of many fantastic individuals not a one man show.So guys,we have a lot of work to do to polish up whatever is left before the show starts. =)

back to the main story,and so we carried out the other sessions as usual.

Physics : Nothing much,we learnt radioactivity and damn it was easy!;)

chemistry : Awesome with me myself giving it a double thumbs up.the best part was when
Sir Elan praised me in front of the crowd for getting a 47 / 50 for my paper 1. :)

Biology : The bio kids were divided into 2,one group goes with tcher Alice and the other went with Teacher Mazlita.Luckily for me,I was drawn with teacher Alice. :)
Throughout the session i was fresh and awake all the time,jotting down everything into my notebook.what drove me on an adrenaline rush that day was very simple,my biology mark enjoyed
an 18 percent increase from 62 to 75.From that moment, i knew and whatever effore i put in would definitely produce something.
However,what was shocking is the fact that my mark is 2nd highest in the batch.On one side,i'm happy (especially after faithfully doing an essay everyday) :) on the other hand i am deeply dissapointed to see how my batchmates are not even showing the signs of our real potential.Oh come on,Muiz's mark is 76.I was like what?!?! (x kan 76 je the best of us can do)...if you ask me how i wished muiz's mark is somewhere within the range of 85 and above,only then the teachers can start talking back bout V 0610.and some of us are still failing to perform.My academic assistant,Safwan Z had set a target of GPK 1.00 for SPM which means everyone in the first class has to achieve 9A+ for SPM,yet even some of the so called creme-de-la-creme class are getting marks starting with digits 6 and below.for Safwan himself he scored 50 or 60 something,that was harder for me to accept.For the other classes,they didnt do that well either.In Budi,no one scored A for chemistry,the highest was somewhere in the region of 60.Come on la guys,If your leader can do it,why can't you????

sejarah: Awesome,the talk deserved nothing less than a 11/10 rating.The speaker was the writer of the form 5 textbook .He gave us the list of hot topics that is ought to be given more attention for,or hot topics.What was more convincing was the fact that his 'predictions' is 80% accurate for the past 7 years.Upon listening to that,my mind quickly went into attention mode and my fingers were more than ready to jot down everything he said.

the rest : Average,nothing much to talk about actually.But it was awesome though !

there are some setbacks during the Study camp but it was no more than small rocks.For instance,during lunch time,some of us didnt recieve enough rice.And the venue for the early 3 days weren't that comfortable,with tables that couldn't even stay intact.So if you're in the hall,sounds of calculators falling off and hitting the floor isnt a nuisance anymore.Especially if the class tends to be a bit boring.Calculators and books falling off and destroying everybody's attention is still tolerable.But there is only one thing that drives me crazy,it's the guys and girls that is not even serious about taking SPM this year.They are the ones who are constantly late for classes.In their eyes,the seats at the back of the class are the best ones.And procastinating of homeworks are a must every week.Daytime is the sleep time and afternoon lessons without a doze or 2 is not a class.I have only one thing to say to this type of people,GET A LIFE MAN!!!! DON'T YOU KNOW THAT SPM ISNT THE SAME WITH PMR! AND DONT YOU KNOW WE ONLY HAVE ONLY 150 DAYS TO REAP IN EVERYTHING WHILE WE CAN?

Oh well,holidays comin to and end,tonight is the big night where i'll be going to CIDB convention centre to see the Renaissance perform.gud luck guys!
Tomorrow i'll be back to SMSS to start the 2nd half of the year.

Till then,bye~

p/s sorry england fans,2014 maybe? :)

Friday, June 11, 2010


By ROD McGUIRK, Associated Press Writer – 1 hr 37 mins ago
CANBERRA, Australia – A 16-year-old California girl who was feared lost at sea while sailing solo around the world has been found alive and well, adrift in the southern Indian Ocean as rescue boats head toward her damaged yacht, officials said.

2 la,gatal lagi gi duk mrayau2.Why can't u just stay at home and watch tv?
(trying to cover up the fact that he is jealous of someone so daring and brave yet it is a she haha)

Futsal Frenzy


Firstly,let me just say one thing...I'm obsessed with football!!!. Let me just congratulate myself (hehe) and my team of course Villa Damansara F.c. for winning today's friendly match with TMA (Total Match Attacks;hambar kan nama diorang ?).Therefore,until today,VDFC is now UNBEATABBLE...MUAHAHA!!! take that morons!!!

Todays match is absolutely awesome,with me myself scoring 2 out of the many2 goals we score.It is far much more difficult this time as a new set of rules were introduced beforehand such as the throw in rule,except this time it's kick in and matches are now 15 minute blocks not like the ordinary 2 hours play till u faint type. XD

here's today's line up and their respective ratings

Myself:Played well,scored 2 goals 7/10
Din :Excellent upfront,teamplayer and playmaker 9/10
Amir MCKK :played well but not that impressive enough 7/10
Lutfi Messi :played all sorts of positions from defence to striker and keeper 8/10
Zaim : average but improving day by day 6/10
FAris :bangang but still saved some awesome shots 6/10
Azril : average but still needs some improvements 6/10
Eugene :defended a lot and scored some too.. 7/10

1st match : 2:3
2nd match : 2:1
3rd match : 2:1
4th match : 3:1
5th match : 2:2

With that, it is now officially that VIlla Damansara won with a score of 3.5 compared to TMA with only 1.5 points.!!!!!
*clap clap XD

VDFC's record 3 unbeateable matches:
1st match vs MCKK all stars (yup Malay College Kuala Kangsar XD )
2nd match vs AFC 11-2 ( i have no idea what does AFC stands for )
3rd match vs TMA

Personally, i feel this is one of the greatest moments of my life.(ceh dramatic lebih2 lak).Especiallly considering the fact that throughout my teenage life,i didnt have that much opportunity to spend some quality time with my brothers . (no thanks to SMSS haha).Making matters worse is the fact that on Sunday i would be going to UPM to attend the Perkampungan Ilmu and i would only be back in jumping on my comfy bed on friday.Well just like the saying goes... what looks good on the outside may not be good afterall eh and the same goes vice versa.Besides,i've spent the last 4 mid year holidays for PPM and lucky for this year,i got myself extra holiday ( maybe there is a blessing in disguise anyway huh ? ) haha,whatever it is,I really have to get back to studying.I found my biology exercise last night...and do u wanna know what teacher alice wrote at the bottom right conner???

(THIS ASSIGNMENT IS DUE ON FRIDAY 11 th of June and it is to be sent to my email)

hope my brain's working though, i haven't used it for days.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

First post of my ife


Finally i have my own blog! I'm sure most of u would be wondering why out of a sudden i choose to have one.Well,to be frank i used to have this paradigm over blogs,in other words i'm not that really into online things except facebooking. Nevertheless,let me just say there are a few reasons to why i created one...

I have been reading other people's blog,especiallu those who display their URL's on their profile page at FB...(ooops sory :D ) i mean,if u dont want people to read ur blog,then why bother putting it on ur page kan? SO aint my fault if i've been stalking you.. haha
whatever it is,it's not fair if u know what other's are thinking / doing but you arn't sharing yours.

U wanna know something,for me the year 2010 has been a great year indeed,ok maybe 2009 as well.From KWN,F1 in schools,PPM, IIUM interschool and some other moments that i've cherished.Since i'm too lazy to write,the least i could do is maybe to write it in a blog.Don't u feel it's a waste,u get to experience so many good things yet u're juz forgetting it just like that.Even lame and outdated stories make their way to the history books. XD

For the past few days i feel empty and lonely.X kan la nk on FB je kan,so kne la cari tmpat baru.Besides,this year i would be taking my SPM (grrr =_=) ,and since my quality of my essays have been degrading for quite some time( no thanks to the 20 minutes waste of thinking what to write),blogging would definitely get those writing skills of mine back to life ( I hope coz time is running out for me)

Okay,till then chow!