Friday, January 7, 2011

SPM year

The year 2010 was a historical year indeed . Apart from notable achievements , 2010 is the year when i took my SPM.

At the start of the year , like some if not all candidates , i am fully aware of the sacred and highly overrated exam that we are going to sit for at the end of the year.Despite knowing that time is getting scarcer , the motivation isn't there and it is really hard to get your momentum going , especially when u need it the most.

You see , because of the hectic and busy schedule that i chose for my f4 year , I ended up finishing 4th in the whole batch for my final exam . The final position is awesome , but the grades aren't . Out of 9 subjects , i only got 6 A 's . That's quite bad huh ? Worse is the fact that other 0610 batches in other SBP's were doing well enough . In other schools , if you only manage to score 6 A's , don't ever dream of getting top 10 .

Every year , the results of these SBP kids are sent to this online portal called SBP exellent . Every school has its own database . The existance of this ingenious plan makes life easier for KPM administrators to monitor the performance of their anak-anak emas ni and make changes here and there for the sake of everyone .

Hence.. every year they are going to publish the results of these students online. It's not accessible to the public , ( thank god ) because in order to access it , u have to have ur own password . (I lost mine . x_x )

Just for your info , the batch that i led , [V] isionaries ( previously known as vermilious ) , was ranked 48th out of 55 sbp batches . Now that is what i call a wake up call. It was a tight slap on everyone's face. It's like we just woke up from lala land . A year ago , we were at the top of the world when we were ranked 2nd in the nation for our PMR , as we lost to 7th saviours of semashur by a whisker .

despite the setback and such a demoralising result , I must say credit must be given to my friends. When I took over , it was such in a devastating fate . Everyone's morale was low and we weren't really focused for our targets . Our batch spirit was low , and everyone seemed to go nowhere , I would say . However , there was one thing that we still have , determination .

You see, this post is just an intro.I'm not going to elaborate everything in one post , but as we go along the way , I'll reveal more of the secrets.

In just a period of 6 months ,

[V] was ranked 33rd from 55 sbp's for our sbp trials examinations . 30% increase in performance

I managed to score straight A's for both of my trials and at the same time becoming no 1 for both trials.

my nationwide ranking is 160 out of 8800 rankings . ( ok ar tu untuk org yg dpt 6A je utk final exam haha )

my friend's results increased tremendously..those who never PASSED their add maths paper during f4.... scored an A for trials

and many more ..

It wouldn't be fair if i don't share the tips and tricks on how we did these. I can still remember vividly how at the start of 2010 , i was sort of terkapai-kapai with my studies . Dah la mase tu macam blur je dengan kehidupan. And so i have decided to lend a hand by writing on this topic.It's the least i could do anyway. Dlm bab-bab seterusnya , i'll reveal the secrets and experiences that made transformations possible.

Bab-bab berikutnye....

- SPM tips BM
- SPM tips BI
- SPM tips Maths
- SPM tips Add Maths
- SPM tips Biology
- SPM tips Physics
- SPM tips Chemistry
- SPM tips PAI
- SPM tips Sejarah
- SPM tips (teknik belajar)
- SPM tips (jgn bptus ase)
- and finally rahsia2 kejayaan..yg ni ak tulis after result SPM keluar haha :D

Besides , memandangkan ak ni ade blambak mase trluang dan dh la boring duk kat umah. Ak rase baik ak tulis bnda yg berfaedah gak . Sekurang-kurangnye ade la pahala skit here and there. It's feels good when u can give back to society of what u have learned . Kre sedekah la ni ek ? A'ah , kinda . :)

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