Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Life as a lawyer

Owh, so this is what a lawyer's life is like . Well , that's the least i can say to myself after 2 days of following my dad ke hulu ke hilir dok tengok cara hidup seorang lawyer mcm mane..

So... How was it?

okay ,
the story goes like this .

The frst day i followed my dad to Shah Alam court

the 2nd day i followed him to ampang majistret court

and that's it

but what i learned is the most important thing.

Here goes nothing

if in the event that..

u are caught with a drug..
u raped someone..
or anything dealing with this vice things...

u go for a lawyer
bcoz he/she would be the only one able to manipulate lady luck's favour.

Today ,
before my very eyes I saw someone who is charged with a very serious crime i would say is released...
dh la ramai.. 4 org lak 2..
but i guess the argument , u're innocent until u're proven guilty stands kot
maybe that's why he's released.

but whatever it is..

I find that the law system implemented in this country is highly flawed. From my point of view , justice is justice . How could you , use god 's greatest talent which is our hearts and minds , to release someone from his punishment . Lawyers find it difficult to justify this insane act and in the end went defensive by just saying that they're hopeful that this anak guaman would repent-someday. By that's where the problem lies ,what should be is that the punishment comes first , only then the remorse and guilt would come . Don't u think so?

But the best part is that yesterday i had the opportunity to have lunch (hehe ) at the luxurious KLGCC . Recently , the club spent a staggering RM 500 million to refurbish its interiors, making it the most expensive and posh club in the nation , if not the region . Hehe ..dh la lame x makan kat situ . Back when i was still living in bukit damansara , this is the place where our it all started. it wasn't unusual for my family to have our lunch and dinner here . I have to admit , upon setting my foot there , my mind took its stroll down memory lane. And yes , that is where everything started .

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