Sunday, December 19, 2010

The time

yeah great,have to admit,this is one of my long awaited missions ever since 2009.All i could remember was how my 4 maju classmates used to tease me of my size ( yeah i was big ,just ask anyone who used to knew me ) ,from kartini,arip ihsan ,fadhil,zhrah,yus ,mira nadiah , nooby krtini and d rest of d world..they have never failed to make me intimidated by their actions. =_=

And so,trying my best not to break down in tears ( i can't lose my face can i ? ) , the best i did during that time was that i remained silent over their actions while simultaneously giggling at whatever tease being tossed at me ( sob sob ). Personally i prefer diverting their attention to a different topic with me myself at the forefront of teasing yusri and ana,all in the name of saving myself from the clutches of humiliation haha :D

i have to admit,there was once when i almost lose my cool.I don't think letting the cat of the bag
about who did it but u can bet he/she's one of my ex-classmates.Had she said another word of myself at that time , i swear u'll see myself transforming into the little green monster.

Oh yeah , one more thing,to shut these critics up , i told them by CNY 2009 , i 'll start losing these extra fleshes. Again , who's gonna believe me. And your guess is as good as mine , i didn't make it that year.


But,it all changed in the year of 2010 or should i say the year of miracles.....

The revolution started from the annual Larian Jalan Raya . FYI, throughout my 5 year stay in SMS Selangor i have never...never...never had the opportunity to pass the crossing line with my heads up.2 weeks before the event , i started to change for good.My evenings are now full with jogging around d school.At first , i puffed and gasped for air as my pair of legs try their very best carry me around d school.But, i wasn't ready to bring in the white flag...

The next thing i knew was that it's already race day...and whether i'm prepared for it is abbsolutely secondary. I have to admit, i made frequent stops to catch my breath . Before that , sir raja announced that the overall distance was shortened to 3.2 km due to some circumstances that i can't remember.Yea!

Avoiding dramatic episodes , just to keep things short and simple , I failed the run....again despite the shortened route.Feeling dissappointed with myself , i cried to myself in class after the prize giving session. Lucky enough , not many people saw what happened , except a few. Tears of guilt and regret rolled down my cheeks.What was more difficult for me to except was the fact that that day i wasn't even supposed to be there.KLIA was where i think i should be , getting ready to board the plane to Doha.

As the saying goes, winners never quit and quitters never win . After that dark episode in my life , i started to opt for the greener pastures . I made it a point not to sleep anymore neither study or play football for fun during the evenings.Running around the school became my daily habit.To be frank i used to hate this running thing coz all eyes would be on u,especially the girls.But later i learned to ignore those distractions.'one day they'll be envious of my determination' i thought to myself.

After each run , i would return to my dorm...not to sleep...but to continue with my workout plan that i have devised.Push-ups and sit-ups became a norm.Initially it was just 20 reps , but now i can go all the way to 50. I almost gave up for i didn't see the desired results, but i got my motivation back when i remembered that Rome wasn't built in one day.

And they say the rest is history. In no time , compliments and stares start to flood in . Though they make the world go round, all i want to admit is that i didn't go for it because i want to shut up the critics...but i did it because i want the world to know that I ain't here to fool around..i'm here for a reason .

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