Monday, December 20, 2010


I can't believe....................that.................. i'm just moments away from boarding the big plane.WOO HOO!!!!

In a few days time i'm gonna have that opportunity to meet my childhood heroes.Don't worry folks, i'll make sure i 'll goof my way through all the rides there.Not to mention , i'm gonna have that golden opportunity to stop at Shenzen ,better known as the land of goods. Just to let u guys know , Shenzen might sound foreign to you guys , however it is the 4th largest city in the whole mainland of China.With a population of over 25 million inhabitants , i think that's enough to give you a glimpse of the size of the city eyh ?

To be frank , i have always been envious of my friends who gets all the opportunities in this world when it comes to holidays.I can still remember vividly how during my primary schooldays , where i have to sit and listen to all the wonderful memories and experiences of my dear friends. Some , if not most of them spent their time and hard earned parents' money at exotic and great places all across the globe. From LA all the way to California or even Dubai , they've been there . If I need to know anything about any place on this sphere, chances are that i'm gonna start asking my classmates.Or even Jes Ibrahim , one of my friend who represented Malaysia at some UNICEF convention in New York ( or is it Los Angeles ? ). And what makes me proud of him was that he really deserved it.In a sense that he is someone very vibrant , cheerful , and he has the necessary qualities that make him stand out from the rest. Fluent in English? You bet, or else he wouldn't be singing his way through the 7 continents , would he ? Now ,that's an example of meritocracy coming to life.Jes deserves it and he won it fair and square.

Okay , back to the topic. At the same time , when i got into SMSS , the same thing happens.Every year , i'll see myself spending my holidays in a monotonous and mundane manner.If i'm lucky , i'll see myself at places like Sentosa and Night Safari ( last year ) ,if not , most probably finishing some action or RPG game on the ps2 console would be the most likely candidate. =='

But this year's going to be different...ITS TIME FOR A CHANGE PEOPLE!!! . Zharif no longer wants to be that frog under the coconut shell ( hah?!?) , what's the point of having a miracle and memorable year if it is not to be ended with a blast ? I'm already seeing myself strolling down the streets while looking for the perfect souvenirs for my uncles and aunts , not to forget my friends too :) .

money? check
bagpack ? check
passport? check
camera? check
an empty mind and an-extra-bag-to-put-all-the-new-things....check!!

what else do you need ? :D

The Land Of Opportunity

Yet in the midst of all this fun.There's so much in life that remains inexplicable.

How I wish i could find that last jigsaw puzzle to complete the picture. :)

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