Sunday, August 1, 2010

Top 100 SBP Students list

For those of you who can't bother knowing some extra facts bout life, here's one. After each SBP standardised examination , the department itself would release a list on the top 100 students who did REALLY x 99 well. If you ask me , to have my name somewhere on the list is just one of the many2 things i crave for this year.

for me...getting my name on the list means making it up for...

- the times i lost debate matches (not to mention a one point split against SESERI and a 7-0 lost against DJ

- getting kicked out of PPM Central Zone and subsequently the Nationals

- getting my name cancelled out of 4 international trips ( Vancouver , Korea , Singapore and Doha )

- not finishing this year's larian jalan raya

- not winning any medal in any of the events at the annual PKBM camp

- not being able to participate in KDU debate

and many more....

sob sob

A strong person is not the one who cries over his fate but one who determines not to let fate make him cry again.

Sincerely ,

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