Sunday, August 22, 2010

After Spm

What my life's gonna be like after SPM

-Waking up at 7.00 everyday
-Whey Protein and eggs for breakfast
-1 litre of dutch lady milk everyday :D
-3 hours of gym sessions at the Club
-Building my own empire in The sims 3 ,zoo Tycoon and whtever management games
- Accompanying my mom to her Herbalife functions
- Get my hands on any book at the bookstores
- Cleaning up my room and the house
- helping my couldn't-care-less brothers and father to fix any broke appliances ...grrr
-Futsal friendlies
-100 bench press,200 sit ups and 2km runs
-renovating my room

Publishing these would at least remind me ,so nnti after SPM x de la ak trkial2 nk pkir ape nk buat.

haha :DD

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