Friday, June 11, 2010

Futsal Frenzy


Firstly,let me just say one thing...I'm obsessed with football!!!. Let me just congratulate myself (hehe) and my team of course Villa Damansara F.c. for winning today's friendly match with TMA (Total Match Attacks;hambar kan nama diorang ?).Therefore,until today,VDFC is now UNBEATABBLE...MUAHAHA!!! take that morons!!!

Todays match is absolutely awesome,with me myself scoring 2 out of the many2 goals we score.It is far much more difficult this time as a new set of rules were introduced beforehand such as the throw in rule,except this time it's kick in and matches are now 15 minute blocks not like the ordinary 2 hours play till u faint type. XD

here's today's line up and their respective ratings

Myself:Played well,scored 2 goals 7/10
Din :Excellent upfront,teamplayer and playmaker 9/10
Amir MCKK :played well but not that impressive enough 7/10
Lutfi Messi :played all sorts of positions from defence to striker and keeper 8/10
Zaim : average but improving day by day 6/10
FAris :bangang but still saved some awesome shots 6/10
Azril : average but still needs some improvements 6/10
Eugene :defended a lot and scored some too.. 7/10

1st match : 2:3
2nd match : 2:1
3rd match : 2:1
4th match : 3:1
5th match : 2:2

With that, it is now officially that VIlla Damansara won with a score of 3.5 compared to TMA with only 1.5 points.!!!!!
*clap clap XD

VDFC's record 3 unbeateable matches:
1st match vs MCKK all stars (yup Malay College Kuala Kangsar XD )
2nd match vs AFC 11-2 ( i have no idea what does AFC stands for )
3rd match vs TMA

Personally, i feel this is one of the greatest moments of my life.(ceh dramatic lebih2 lak).Especiallly considering the fact that throughout my teenage life,i didnt have that much opportunity to spend some quality time with my brothers . (no thanks to SMSS haha).Making matters worse is the fact that on Sunday i would be going to UPM to attend the Perkampungan Ilmu and i would only be back in jumping on my comfy bed on friday.Well just like the saying goes... what looks good on the outside may not be good afterall eh and the same goes vice versa.Besides,i've spent the last 4 mid year holidays for PPM and lucky for this year,i got myself extra holiday ( maybe there is a blessing in disguise anyway huh ? ) haha,whatever it is,I really have to get back to studying.I found my biology exercise last night...and do u wanna know what teacher alice wrote at the bottom right conner???

(THIS ASSIGNMENT IS DUE ON FRIDAY 11 th of June and it is to be sent to my email)

hope my brain's working though, i haven't used it for days.

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