Wednesday, June 9, 2010

First post of my ife


Finally i have my own blog! I'm sure most of u would be wondering why out of a sudden i choose to have one.Well,to be frank i used to have this paradigm over blogs,in other words i'm not that really into online things except facebooking. Nevertheless,let me just say there are a few reasons to why i created one...

I have been reading other people's blog,especiallu those who display their URL's on their profile page at FB...(ooops sory :D ) i mean,if u dont want people to read ur blog,then why bother putting it on ur page kan? SO aint my fault if i've been stalking you.. haha
whatever it is,it's not fair if u know what other's are thinking / doing but you arn't sharing yours.

U wanna know something,for me the year 2010 has been a great year indeed,ok maybe 2009 as well.From KWN,F1 in schools,PPM, IIUM interschool and some other moments that i've cherished.Since i'm too lazy to write,the least i could do is maybe to write it in a blog.Don't u feel it's a waste,u get to experience so many good things yet u're juz forgetting it just like that.Even lame and outdated stories make their way to the history books. XD

For the past few days i feel empty and lonely.X kan la nk on FB je kan,so kne la cari tmpat baru.Besides,this year i would be taking my SPM (grrr =_=) ,and since my quality of my essays have been degrading for quite some time( no thanks to the 20 minutes waste of thinking what to write),blogging would definitely get those writing skills of mine back to life ( I hope coz time is running out for me)

Okay,till then chow!