Friday, April 22, 2011

Please don't force me

In this wonderful opportunity , I would like to say thanks to all of you who are hoping that I'd take medicine . Everytime I wake up from my sleep , i praise Allah for having friends and family members that care about me , that took their time to discuss with me about my future . I am grateful that I know you guys . However , I don't want to spend my life blaming other people if I are to fail in my life . I do not want to come down blaming you guys neither do I want to pass the buck . I don't want to work in the hospital , while at the same time wishing that time would move faster . What's worse , is that I'll wake up every monday morning regretting my decision to put my future in other people's hands . I'm sorry for not being able to follow your path . I'm sorry .

I know it hurts when you give advice to a person but that person doesn't want to follow . It's not that i do not want to be labelled disobient or anything , I just want to live by my own consequences . If I are to fail , then let it be . 

For a phoenix only rises after it has turned into ashes.

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