Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Workout Fitness Goals and Achievements

X fit langsung
Mengantuk dalam kelas
x rajin beriadah

After Herbalife and fitness

did 55 consecutive push ups in 60 seconds
1 km in 4 minutes
12 pull ups
boleh buat bicep curls guna 10kg and 12 kg
plank 3 minute



none of this would be possible without my Formula 1 Shake that i make every morning


gila owh skang...if dulu 2 scoop je, tapi skang 4 scoop babe !!! ye la..mentang2 ar dh nampak result..

Skrang ni ak mkan ape pun..walaupun x de exercise..still maintain!! * ni yg nk pergi gym balik petang ni ..


100 consecutive pushups
50 m freestyle in 45 seconds
3km run in less than 20 minutes

before june 2011

one day..i'll look in d mirror and i'll find this
aminnnn :D

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