Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wahh...kluar lagi arrtikel

Wah wah wah...setelah gua dah lama x update web ini , sekarang ini time tadi time gua online , tiba tibe terjumpa lak lagi satu artikel ni ... Herbalife

enjoy :)

my comments regarding the artikel ..

1 ) pertama sekali , if seseorang itu membeli pada harga retail , iaitu RM 163 , dan dibahagikan dengan 20 meals , mmg la mahal . Actually , Herbalife Formula 1 ini boleh membuat sehingga 28 meals , which boils down to about Rm 5 per meal.. lagi satu , yang ak pelik nye is that it is not stated that if he signs up to become a member , he would have enjoyed a 25 % discount on the products , and the formula 1 shake would now cost Rm 125 , and hence now the shakes would cost only Rm 4 per meal . Not to mention , you can also get up discounts up to   35 % , 42 % or even 50 % !!!

2 ) What differs me from other distributors in the direct selling industry is that i sell from the heart . When you become part of the Herbalife family , it is now becomes more than selling . In fact , I have never seen myself as a seller / distributor , for what i am merely doing is just sharing the opportunity with other people . All of my friends at school saw the changes in me , from ugly n stinky and sloppy to becoming a person in control , and perhaps how rich this experience is , is to the extent that I BEIEVE that I wouldn't have scored 9A +'s in my SPM had not my mother supplied me with Herbalife Shakes . Seriously , and this is not just plain lies . If you stil doubt my statement , what i recommend you is that you go out and find yourself a list of my dormates during my final year in SMSS . Next , ask them what do I eat everyday . I'm not going to reveal their indentities neither am I going to tell you their names , for I know you would suspect me of already bribing them or such . As a matter of fact , just to show you how indebted I am towards Herbalife , I wore the 'Lose Weight Now , Ask me How ' badge and the other one with Messi's face on it , to school during the day when the SPM results were released .
see ? the badge that i wore ? and at this time , i still haven't registered as a distributor , which means that I am just helping my mum in her business . 
and yeah , that was me before I met Herbalife . :)

3  ) I think to see a Herbalife review on is already fantastic enough to prove how thousands if not milions of people are aready benefiting from this product . bravo !

p/s By 2020 , Herbalife is going to be the number 1 Nutrition company in the world ! By 2020 , estimated sales would be 15 billion USD which means that there is going to be thousands of new milionaires created .Are you going to be one of them ? 

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