Sunday, September 19, 2010

Raye Holidays

Well,it's been quite some time since i last updated this little friend of me.Sorry bloggy, but those hwrks (read winning eleven ,facebook ) got me pre-occupied.

Before i totally forget , just wanna wish those that i haven't wish, Selamat hari raya! maaf Zahir and batin keyh?

bout the hwrks,yeah , they're there in my room.I must say that some of them are indeed lucky for they receive the affection they are supposed to get.While some of those unlucky ones are a little bit left out from the rest.Don't blame me , i only have 2 hands. :P

And then we have the open houses,yup open houses. (cheers in the air for that! ) . However , i was struck by fever, and i have to spend the tuesday until thursday doing nothing but flipping through my books =_= .sorry zati and paan for not being able to come. (u guys wouldn't want anyone bringing fever either , would you? haha :P )
Bout spm,alaaa..diz is the hardest bit, i mean , with so many things OCCURED during the holidays...getting back to school would be anything but awesome.Seriously man , no joking.I need back the momentum i need.i don't care if sometimes people calling me to pressured up or something , what do they know?When you are r selected to be a leader of 135 people , not to mention some of the intolerable attitude of the minorities , pressure does come up to you, and that time only you can decide what to do with it.By the way , i am not feel ready to fall in love with anyone yet...not ready to call anyone sayang or baby or whatever it is. I might have said it once ,but i'm regretting it twice . In my mother's words i trust, "don't you ever lose Allah's bless"

so..what's next smart boy?
-lets see......

perfect score
Grand dinner
people from japan comin over to our school

freedom :)

waiting for it
sincerely and seriously

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